The Tell by Ron.Lavalette

When he grasps, he gasps. Then you know he knows.

Ron. Lavalette is a widely published writer living on Vermont’s Canadian border.  His first chapbook, Fallen Away (Finishing Line Press), is now available at all standard outlets. More than 250 pieces of his poetry and short prose have been published in journals, reviews, and anthologies ranging alphabetically from Able Muse and the Anthology of New England Poets through the World Haiku Review. A reasonable sample of his published work can be viewed at EGGS OVER TOKYO

1 thought on “The Tell by Ron.Lavalette”

  1. I’m greatly honored to reappear here at Potato Soup!
    I know that the phrase “The Tell” most often refers to gambling, but as a (now former) Special Educator, I always had to keep my eyes open for signs that a lesson had been successfully delivered to the student. You learn to spot The Tell.

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