The Last Tea by Terrence Sykes

Watch the door .. dear

you know it always slams

into my little room

I asked them to dress you

in your Sunday best 

for our special tea today

yes we can dear.. extra sugar

I’ll make the tea dear

yes that is Tony Bennett on the record

remember when you first moved here

we cut the rug in the rec center every Saturday night

this time forgotten senior hell – I mean hall dear.. extra sugar

Time moves on doesn’t it

Here dear.. it may be bitter

we swallowed enough bitter pills 

husbands who passed scores ago

children who haven’t visited in almost a year

Oh we are not bitter are we dear.. extra sugar

My dear friend – I understand your babble

we have been friends that long

I forget too much these days

you have forgotten it all

you in your wheelchair

me with all these pains & aches that ..

oh dear … extra sugar

Are you comfy or cold dear

I’ll pull up the afghan we made together

I’ll turn over the album &play side two

why not just one more cup

more tea dear… extra sugar

Yes it is a very special type of tea

a very rare blend indeed

but it is for our very last tea

what kind of tea is it …

hemlock tea dear .. extra sugar

Terrence Sykes was born and raised in the rural coal mining area of Virginia. This isolation brings the theme of remembrance to his creations, whether real or imagined. Other interests include cooking, gardening ,heirloom vegetable research & foraging wild edibles. His poetry – photography – flash fiction has been published in Bangladesh ,Canada, Ireland , India, Mauritius, Pakistan, Scotland, Spain and the USA.

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