The Good Chef by Zenstateofmind

He cannot cook without washing his hands.
To him, food and cooking  are like inseparable lovers. His kitchen skills will tell you how much he knows about making love.

The way he  stirs his meal to  make it tender and edible.The movement of his hands; the slight touches, the soft pats, the way he kneads… it cannot be easily forgotten.

His every action, is intentional. He is patient, yet persuasive.
His purpose is to serve a meal prepared with great care. His dish will warm  your heart and spice your soul.

For him food involves two souls. 
He will eat  with you to connect to you.  When he’s sorry, he’ll serve you dinner to earn your forgiveness. 
His food will lift your spirit and make you say things you wouldn’t have mentioned to anyone.

Sadly, not all men are good chefs neither some women. 
In this age and time, food is only here  to satisfy our hunger and ease our stress.

Whatever happened to good old nourishment and heartiness.
What is life again, if it’s not for the living?

Zenstateofmind is a creative writer based in Nigeria. She contributes to magazines and blogs. She also assists beginner writers with their fiction through active coaching. Her article on Editing has been featured on Authors Publish Magazine. Zen can be reached on her Instagram – zenstateofmindwriter, where she spreads love and positive vibes.

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