Opening My Eyes by Kathleen Moore

As I clip along the back fence, the sun shines while a cool breeze blows. The May weather fluctuates this year, and the roses know it. I notice they are not ready to bloom. 

Today, I note the patches of mold on the weathered wood fence. The ivy that has slowly moved across a large chunk of a neglected area in the back of the yard.  Now that I have the time, I try to get outside for a bit each day to tackle a small area that needs attention.  After years of everyone in the house working so hard, this spring I have been home due to the social distancing restrictions. I wonder why I ignored this property.

My mind wanders back to search for answers. Could it be that each year when my husband or son tackled the yard when we first moved here one of them came down with an awful case of poison ivy? After a while the weeds looked better than spending countless dollars on medicines, having them lose time at work, and listening to them complain about itching. I suspect that was the beginning of my turning a blind eye to these areas. 

But today, I dress appropriately. A hat, eye wear, gloves, long sleeves, help me to get the job done. I tackle the job in moderation, just a bit each day. As I do, I contemplate what other areas of my life I ignore.  

Staying home now affords me the time to read more.  I do not feel I have to run to and fro.  Solving the dilemmas of my family and friends is not necessary. Even if I felt the overwhelming urge to swoop in and save them from my perceived danger, it is not possible right now.  

I sit here looking at my little plants by the window. The sound of the neighbor mowing a lawn and my drying spinning can lull me into an afternoon nap. Dinner will come together from items already in the house. The patches of mold will still be on the fence, but the ivy and weeds will become thinner. My soul will become stronger. I will not overlook the areas in my life that need nurturing.

Today, I count opening my eyes as my blessing.

Kathleen Moore is a Graduate of Stockton University. She currently works as a library assistant in Cape May County.  She is an administrator of the Jersey Cape Writers’ Facebook page.  Kathy blogs about her blessings at

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