Mirror Image by Kimberly Go

The decor choices of Sam’s Other Self were incomprehensible to her. The kitchen looked like it had been scrubbed clean by a loving hand. A tiered basket laden with potatoes and shallots hung from the ceiling, while fresh fruit sat ripe for the picking in a ceramic blue bowl on a sunny tablecloth. Sam thought of the lone, dried out orange sitting on her kitchen table, which she never bothered to dress up.

Making her way into the living room, she spotted a row of framed photographs sitting on the mantle. In this alternate universe, she had a mother but no sister. Other Sam’s face was smiling, nurtured under a loving gaze and unburdened by years of sibling rivalry.

The rest of the house could pass for a photo from an antique catalog. The master bedroom contained a four-poster bed and oak writing desk that belonged to Sam’s great grandmother. Sam ran a finger across the surface of the desk, which had long been lost in her timeline, perhaps sold off after her mom’s funeral. The bathroom was immaculate and featured the original green and pink tiles she had long since removed at her own residence.

Returning to the kitchen, Sam thought she would look inside the refrigerator. Other Sam had an ample supply of Tupperware filled to the brim with soups and stocks. She seemed like the type of person who planned her meals for the week and stuck to the plan. Sam felt her stomach rumble and considered taking a piece of fruit with her. She decided against it. If so much of her life could change with one small detail, she hated to think of the havoc a piece of fruit could wreak.

Kimberly Go is a writer living in Maryland.

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