I Saw it All by Priyanka Kole

I recognized Erica’s adorable hazel eyes though she wore a mask. I saw when she found the bronze house keys in the rose pot, curled the doorknob, and tip-toed into Monica’s house. 

She grabbed Monica from behind in the kitchen, shoved her on the floor then put her brawny hands on Monica’s mouth to suffocate her. Monica didn’t give up easily. She scratched her, kicked her. Erica seized a knife from the kitchen counter, and buried it in Monica’s abdomen, then pulled it out, once then again. Monica’s screams were muffled under Erica’s hand.

Squirting blood stained Erica’s shirt, it seeped to her bones. She panicked, and stormed out of the door, leaving behind Monica gasping. I witnessed everything slumping in a corner.

In a few minutes, an ambulance was blaring outside. I didn’t know who called, probably Monica’s creepy neighbor. Monica reached the hospital unconscious, a lot of blood was lost. Paul arrived at the hospital, tramped through corridors, and peeped through the transparent glass of the ICU room, his face sullen like a reflection in rippling pond water distorting and endeavoring to find its shape. I was sitting quietly in a corner still drinking my beer whereas all I wanted to do was knock on Paul’s head and tell him I know everything. What has happened? Why has it happened? How naïve he is.

Paul never noticed the expression on Erica’s face when he held Monica’s hand. The creased forehead and discordant smile Erica gave when he showed her the engagement ring he bought for Monica. How she wore the ring herself and said that it would fit her better, and chuckled. He could never conclude that Erica can do something like this. I wanted to inform him, but I couldn’t do anything as I am too drunk to drive, and my wife warned me not to worry about these television shows, or else she would toss me out of the house.

Priyanka Kole is an undergraduate medical student in India. She is currently pursuing her MBBS degree from RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata. Her work has appeared in a Kolkata- based magazine, Shravanika and another work is due with ‘The Tint Journal’ in March 2021.

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