Broken Spirit by Jeff Harvey

Somebody throws a ball through a window and breaks it while Mom’s at work. Mr. Jerry lines the boys up against the wall. He watches The Lawrence Welk Show and enjoys pecan pie while waiting for a confession. “Beer Barrel Polka” plays, and he taps his foot to the beat. Oldest comes home from a date and stands next to me. Mr. Jerry watches All in the Family and laughs at Edith, calling her stupid. Since recovering from the measles, the youngest has been tired, and his eyes shut. Mr. Jerry hurls his belt in his direction. When will Mom get home from work? A smirk appears on Mr. Jerry’s face as he clips his fingernails and flicks them toward us. I didn’t break the window, but I admit to it. I want to sleep and forget.

Jeff Harvey lives in San Diego CA and is working on his first novel. His fiction has appeared in MoonPark Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, Stone of Madness Press and elsewhere. Find him on Twitter @jeffharveysd.

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