Plain potato soup is pretty bland. You have to add to it. Then it’s savory or spicy, sweet or herby. When you think about it, making a great potato soup can be an art form, and every recipe is different.

We’ve created Potato Soup as a platform, but it’s flavorless without our contributors. It’s nothing without our readers. We hope by bringing these two together, our little website can inspire both.

This endeavor grew out of a desire to provide a venue for aspiring and existing authors. We’ve learned creative energy can be transferred and, oft-times, it then grows and expands in an entirely new direction. Novelists inspire poets, and songwriters inspire screenwriters. Sci-fi, literary, memoir, horror, satire, romance – and pieces that don’t have a category or genre – we’re pretty willing to throw new ingredients into the soup. (Just read our submissions guidelines first, please.)

Humans are storytellers and we all have a story to share. We can’t say we understand all of them, but that’s okay. We appreciate a well-written piece – one that speaks some element of truth, digs at a facet of humanity, takes us somewhere new, tugs at a core emotion. Let us see ourselves and others in your writing.

Give us your best. Surprise us, entertain us, and teach us. Let’s inspire one another.

Potato Soup is boring without you.