There is More by Gavin Mndawe


Plus keeping an eye out

Equals what we call

The opposite of fictional

We only hear a few decibels

Nothing high-pitched you know

They talk about molecules

That never really show


Woe to the puppets

With solid views

Socialisation is for show

Anything used to uplift a soul

Can be used to drag it down a hole


Awareness is structurally studied

By mystics and druggies

Victimization doesn’t exist

We give ourselves

To the whips and the chains


I pray for those who are considered crazy

For there are no definitive tests

In Psychiatry;

A discipline where being shy is a disease

Crippled with grief?

Having trouble with sleep?

The solution is numbness and drooling


The demented are neglected by the constitution

The disabled get restrooms,

They get parking

And they live exclusive


The world is a brain cell

But we’re still clueless

Deep breaths alter the mind

But they exalt their science

For the white coat is as divine robes

In hindsight I find

Einstein was a Pope

There’s floss;

A fine line between

Brilliance and going so nuts

You lose all your bolts



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