From Tragedy to Transformation by Claudia T. Nelson-Evans

It happened long ago. But…it so profoundly impacted my life that I feel compelled to share it with you. Hopefully, it will prove to have a positive impact on your life as well.

My story begins in Taiwan during the Chinese New Year. I’m looking out the hotel window at the food vendors along the sidewalks and watching the Chinese men pedal their bicycles down the street ringing their little bicycle bells to warn people on the crowded street to get out of their way when the telephone rings. It is not good news! Time would reveal it was even worse news than could ever be conveyed over the phone by my French nanny who spoke broken English.

“Your mothur has accident, mus come ohm, bruz in lung.”

Being an M.D., my husband tried to explain to Michelle that a bruised lung was not that serious and trying to get out of China during the Chinese New Year would be a problem. But, the more he explained, the more insistent she got. Finally, we recognized she was either unable or unwilling to explain what had happened.

The airlines were helpful after hearing our problem. Two days later we arrived on American soil, in Salt Lake City, Utah, grabbed our baggage, rushed to our car and drove straight for the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah. My worst fears didn’t even make a dent in what I would face once inside.

My first shock was that she was in the intensive care unit. My next shock was to arrive at the unit that was supposed to be my mother’s and see a person with a huge head so swollen and bruised they were unrecognizable, the neck and shoulders black from blood drainage. This poor person was in a coma, being kept alive by machines with networks of tubes protruding from the machines to the body.

“We have the wrong unit,” I said to my husband as I spun around to walk away.

“He grabbed my arm and said, “This is your mother!” He took my hand, led me to her bedside and lifted her lip to show me her teeth.

I felt dizzy and disoriented and quickly sat down before I collapsed. A nurse came in and in a very detached manner explained she had a brain stem injury and had a five percent changc of living; and if she did, she would be a vegetable. It sounded ethereal and far off. It was more than I could digest. I sat there like a zombie unable to speak.

When I could think again, I realized I could handle death. In her condition it would be better than being a vegetable. Being a vegetable was unacceptable… unacceptable… unacceptable.

My brain began spinning. I had to devise a plan to avoid any possibility of my mother becoming a vegetable! I fully believed the subconscious mind had the power to heal the body. I thought now her conscious mind was asleep and couldn’t get in the way, I would work with her subconscious. At the hospital I would say, “Mother, you’re getting better every day.” I continued the practice every day for three months repeating these words a hundred times a day.

After three months, nothing happened. She was sent to a nursing home to die. Still I would go to the nursing home every day and repeat the practice, “Mother, you’re getting better every day.”

She’d been there a month. Nearing her room on my daily visit I was startled to see the nurse emerge from her room wide-eyed and speechless.

“What happened, what happened?” I asked.

After gaining her composure she said, “Every day I walk into your mother’s room and talk to her as if she were awake and say, “How are you doing today, Beth?” Today she said, “I’m getting better every day.

 I was as shocked as if a dead woman had raised from her coffin and began speaking to me.

I rushed to my mother’s bed side and asked the same question. “I’m getting better every day,” she responded. These were the exact words I had spoken to her thousands of times; she even spoke them in the same tone of voice I had used. Yet, she had no conscious recollection of me saying anything to her, or my even being there.

My theories about the magnificent power of the mind transformed from theory to fact. If programming, or reprogramming, the subconscious mind could heal brain stem injury and bring a seventy-six-year-old woman out of a four-month coma, it could do anything … if we learned how to use it properly. That experience changed my life. I will share a few more thoughts about the mind and pray it will be as helpful in your life as it has in mine.

After looking at the subject of mind healing from many different perspectives – as I was taught to do in a dream, I connected dots and reduced the ideas to their lowest common denominator.

Oppenheimer, the famous father of the A bomb said it perfectly “The closer you come to truth, the simpler it becomes.”

Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings create your actions. Your actions create the results you are experiencing.


How can you tell what you’re thinking? Your feelings will tell you. Negative thoughts create negative feelings. Positive thoughts create positive feelings.

You can use your conscious mind to immediately change your conscious thoughts. You can use your conscious mind to reprogram your subconscious mind. In my mother’s case, I used my conscious mind to program her subconscious. Even the Bible validates the power of the mind.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”   – Romans 2:12

Did we ever before understand the impact of that verse and the power it gives you?


Claudia T. Nelson-Evans was born in Ely, Nevada  and has been a resident of Boise for 19 years and considers it her adopted home. She received her bachelor’s degree in Writing and Literature at Vermont College in 2003 and has written five personal empowerment books; one became a best seller on Amazon twice . .  “RIsing from Ashes; Discover Your Hidden Power through Adversity “(by Claudia T. Nelson – my married name at the time). She is presently working on a book to be called “One Minute Miracles.”




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