Doll for Sale by Jacek Wilkos

Doll for sale. Talks in unknown language. Doesn’t need batteries.

Jacek Wilkos is an engineer from Poland. He lives with his wife and two daughters in a beautiful city of Cracow. He is addicted to buying books, he loves black coffee, dark ambient music and anything spooky. His fiction in Polish was published in Szortal, Drabble na niedzielÄ™, Niedobre literki, Horror Online. In 2019 he started to translate his writing to English, and so far it was published in Drablr, Rune Bear, Sirens Call eZine, Trembling With Fear, and in numerous anthologies by Black Hare Press, Black Ink Fiction, Alien Buddha Press, Eerie River Publishing, Insignia Stories, Fantasia Divinity, Reanimated Writers Press, Iron Faerie Publishing, KJK publishing.