Postscripts by Amy Marques

Camp A. A. Humphreys, March 8th, 1918

Dearest Lily,

There’s one thing I guess the army can’t keep us from doing and that’s dreaming. I was having the swellest dream about you this morning when Morgan came in and woke

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Reaper by Phillip Temples

Butch Snodgrass, proprietor of the Lucky Diner & Bar in the small west Texas town of Emerald was waiting tables in his establishment when the mysterious stranger walked in off the street that morning with no warning. Emerald contained just …

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Lodestone by Bette Kosmolak

Sharon and I spent the morning re-organizing my kitchen cupboards. “Downsizing,” she called it. We tossed out a plethora of kitchen gadgets; a pressure cooker, a Dutch oven, and three small glass Coke bottles. “From the last century,” she said. …

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